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Milestone Shape Interface

A new interface helps users navigate the expanded options for milestone shapes.

With the addition of emoji milestone shapes, it became necessary to redesign the milestone selection interface to make it more intuitive.

The milestone shape interface contains four main tabs across the top:

  • Dynamic Shapes: This tab covers the traditional dynamic milestone shapes, where users select a basic shape and then customize the border and color.
  • Emoji Shapes: This tab covers the new emoji milestone shapes, which are multi-colored.
  • Search: Quickly find your desired milestone shape, by performing a simple search.
  • Custom Shapes: If you have obtained custom milestone shapes for your OnePager implementation, those shapes will be shown on this tab.

Milestone Category Sub-Tabs

If you navigate to the Dynamic Shapes or Emoji tabs, you'll also see a set of sub-tabs underneath, where you will have the opportunity to browse shapes that belong to different categories:

These category sub-tabs are intended to make it easier to find milestone shapes that are related to each other. In the example above, we are looking at all of the Dynamic Shapes that are a part of the Symbol category.

The left-most sub-tab with the clock icon enables you to find recently-used milestones so that you don't have to search for them more than once.