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Nomenclature Changes

Project Views are now Charts.

In OnePager 7.0, we've replaced the concept of a "Project View" with a "Chart". We feel that this word is a little easier to understand and better distinguishes the differences between charts and templates. As a refresher:

  • Charts are the reports that you create in OnePager. Formerly called Project Views, these are also called timelines or Gantt charts. Charts are represented by .TAM files. Charts contain both settings and project data.
  • Templates are the settings that define the initial look and feel of a chart. Templates are repsented by .TAT files. Templates do not contain any project data; only settings.
  • Snapshots are date-specific versions of a chart. When you first create a chart, it will have one snapshot, probably on today's date. Over time, you can continue to update the same chart and add snapshots at different dates, creating a versioned history of how your chart has changed. Most charts have more than one snapshot at different dates. All snapshots are contained in the same TAM file, since they are part of the same chart.

Project View Properties is now Chart Properties

With these changes, the old Project View Properties button and associated form have been renamed Chart Properties: