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Non-Linear Time Axis

Stretch and hide sections of the time axis to focus on the dates that matter

OnePager 6.1 gives you the ability to create a non-linear time axis, which means that you can stretch some periods of time, compress others, and even hide periods of inactivity.

Stretch and hide time in your Gantt chart.

There are two ways to make these adjustments to the time axis:

Drag and Drop

To make a period of time wider or narrower than normal, simply click on the corresponding time axis cell and drag it to the left or right:

Stretch a time axis cell.

To hide a period of time, right-click on the corresponding time axis cell and choose the hide option:

Hide a time axis cell.

Time Axis Rules

OnePager 6.1 also takes a rules-based approach to creating a non-linear time axis. Any drag and drop changes to the time axis will appear in your rules, but you can also add rules from scratch. To get started, go to Home > Project View Properties > Time Axis > Format.

To add a new timespan rule, click on Add Timespan, specify the start and finish dates, and how much you want to zoom in or out as a percentage. If you want to create a rule to hide a section of time entirely, uncheck the Show box:

Time Axis Rules