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Persistent User Settings

Preserve recent file lists and server credentials when reinstalling OnePager

In earlier versions of OnePager, user could save settings like recent file lists and server credentials. However, when OnePager was reinstalled, these settings were not preserved.

Beginning with OnePager 7.1, a new local settings vault securely preserves user-defined settings across the uninstall/reinstall boundary so that when users upgrade from one version to the next, they'll be able to pick up where they left off without having to browse back to their favorite files or re-enter their server credentials.

Recent Files

Recent files include the following:

  • Source Files (Microsoft Project, Project Online/Server, Primavera P6, Smartsheet, etc.)
  • OnePager charts (*.tam files)
  • OnePager templates (*.tat files)

Server Credentials

For OnePager editions that connect to Microsoft Project Server, Project Online, or Smartsheet, users have the ability to save their credentials so that they don't have to log in each time. Just like storing your credentials in a browser or on your smartphone, we recommend that users always exercise caution when saving passwords, and only do so when the device and network are both trusted and secure.