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Use OnePager to present your project without exporting to PowerPoint.

While many users export their OnePager charts to PowerPoint and incorporate them into larger presentations, other users prefer to use OnePager as their native presentation tool. Presentation mode makes this easier by hiding the ribbon and expanding the chart to fit the entire screen.

To enter presentation mode, go to View > Present, or press F5 on your keyboard:

OnePager will take your existing chart, hide the ribbon, and expand it to fit more of the screen:

For the first few seconds, a message will appear at top of the screen. A toolbar will also temporarily appear at bottom of the screen, which enables you to:

  • Fit Vertically
  • Fit Horizontally
  • Move to the Previous Snapshot
  • Move to the Next Snapshot
  • Configure the settings of Presentation Mode, including the location of the toolbar itself.
  • Exit Presentation Mode, which can also be done using the ESC key.

The toolbar will automatically disappear after a few seconds to give you an unobstructed view of your chart. If you ever need it back, simply move your mouse, and it will reappear.