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Project for the web (P4W) Integration

Import one or more projects from Project for the web (P4W), the new cloud version of Microsoft Project.

OnePager Pro and Bundle 7.2 both add the ability to import projects from Microsoft's new Project for the web product, also known as P4W. OnePager continues to support other versions of Microsoft Project including *.mpp files, Project Server, and Project Online.

Here's how it works:

  1. Start with a project in P4W, which should look like this:

  2. Launch OnePager using the desktop icon. OnePager imports P4W projects directly from the cloud and does not use Microsoft Project on the desktop. As a result, when working with Project for the web, you should launch OnePager from the desktop, not as a Microsoft Project add-in:

  3. On OnePager's start screen, click NEW to begin building a new chart.

  4. On the import wizard, choose Browse > Project for the web.

    This is a separate from OnePager's options to import Microsoft Project (*.mpp) files or to import from Project Online, Project Server, or PWA:

  5. The first time OnePager connects to Project for the web, you'll need to enter your credentials:

    Your User Name and Password are the same as what you use to log into P4W through a web browser. Your Server URL ends with "dynamics.com". Don't worry about copying any portion of the URL after "dynamics.com", as OnePager doesn't require it.. If you need help finding your server URL, see our FAQ article on finding it.

    If you are on a trusted device and trusted network, you can check the box to Save Password so that you don't have to sign in again next time.

  6. Once OnePager is signed into P4W, you will see a list of all of the projects in your account. You can click on one project to select it, or hold down the Ctrl key while clicking to select several projects at once. Once you have selected your desired project(s), click OK to return to the import wizard.

  7. Back in the import wizard, you can choose to import all tasks from P4W, or import only a few key tasks and milestones by choosing the Select individual tasks to import option:

  8. Assuming you want to select some tasks but not others, OnePager will present you with a listing of all of the tasks in your P4W project. Check the box next to any tasks that you would like to import into OnePager, and once you are finished selecting tasks, click OK:

    Want to use a custom flag field to filter your project instead? While P4W supports flag fields like traditional Microsoft Project, those flag fields are unfortunately not available for import by partner applications like OnePager, so cannot currently be used for task selection. We've requested that Microsoft make custom fields available externally, and suggest that you upvote this request with Microsoft so that they give it the attention it deserves:

    Click here to ask Microsoft to fully support custom fields in P4W

  9. Click Create new chart. OnePager will import your selected tasks from Project for the web and create a chart that looks like this: