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Apply drop shadows to the tasks or milestones in your Gantt chart to create a 3D effect.

OnePager 7.2 supports drop shadows for tasks and/or milestones. To enable shadows, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars and check the Shadow box:

You can then either use OnePager's default shadow format, or click the Shadow Properties button for more options. Should you choose to customize your drop shadows, you'll have the option to select one of nine preset shadow formats, or create your own custom shadow with full control over the color, transparency, size, blur, angle, and distance:

The drop shadow will then apply to all tasks in the chart, like this:

Shadows on Tasks vs. Milestones

Unlike other formatting properties in OnePager, drop shadows are considered a global property, so are not configurable for individual tasks and milestones. However, users can dictate whether shadows should apply to both tasks and milestones, tasks only, or milestones only. For example, users can turn on shadows on the Task Bars tab, but off on the Milestones tab of Chart Properties.

This is useful for birds on a wire charts, where milestones sit on top of tasks. With shadows turned on globally, the milestones cast a shadow on the tasks, which in turn cast a shadow on the background of the chart:

Other users prefer only one layer of shadows. Here, milestones themselves don't cast a shadow, but tasks do. While subtle, there is a difference between the shadows above and the shadows below: