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Import Smartsheet projects directly from the cloud without having to go through Excel.

OnePager Bundle 7.1 includes the ability to import projects directly from your Smartsheet account. This cloud import provides significant advantages over the traditional method of exporting Smartsheet data to Excel before importing into OnePager Express. These advantages include:

  • Fewer steps, fewer clicks, and fewer opportunities for error.
  • Swimlanes can automatically be generated based on the existing summary tasks in Smartsheet instead of relying on a text field or a formula to calculate the parent task. Sub-swimlanes can show several levels of summary of tasks, again, based on the existing structure in Smartsheet.
  • Easier multi-project reporting: OnePager can import multiple Smartsheet projects at once.
  • Fast updates: One-click refresh enables you to instantly update your OnePager chart with the latest changes to your Smartsheet project.

Preparing your Smartsheet Project

Before launching OnePager, you may want to decide which tasks from Smartsheet you'd like to include.

  1. If you want to have OnePager filter your Smartsheet project so that only specific tasks appear in your chart, we recommend creating a checkbox field, and placing a checkmark next to any tasks that you wish to include in your chart:

  2. Once you have selected the tasks that you want to display in OnePager, be sure to save your Smartsheet project.

Importing from Smartsheet into OnePager

Once you've identified which tasks from Smartsheet you want to see in your chart, it's ready to be brought into OnePager.

  1. Launch OnePager Bundle from your desktop.

  2. On the start screen, click New to begin building a new chart.

  3. On the import wizard, click on Select > BROWSE Smartsheet...

  4. A Smartsheet window will pop up, asking you to log into your account. You can either log in using a username and password, or can use one of the other authentication methods that Smartsheet provides, like Google, Microsoft, or Apple:

  5. Next, Smartsheet will ask you if you want to allow OnePager to access your Smartsheet account:

    Once you authenticate via Smartsheet the first time, you should be able to skip these steps going forward. If you go several weeks or several months without logging into Smartsheet from OnePager, you may be asked to re-authenticate for security reasons.

  6. Now that you are logged into Smartsheet, you will be able to see a list of available projects that you an import into OnePager. You can choose to import only one project, or you can import several, if you need to create a multi-project chart:

  7. With the Smartsheet project(s) ready for import, we just need to decide how to filter tasks that should be included in the chart. If you created a OnePager checkmark field in Smartsheet, that's going to be the best choice:

  8. Click the Next button, and validate that OnePager is going to use your preferred Smartsheet columns in the chart. If you'd like to use a different column instead of OnePager's default selections, feel free to change them here:

  9. Finally, click the Create New Chart button, and OnePager will complete the import from Smartsheet:

    In this example, notice that OnePager has grouped tasks into swimlanes based on their parent tasks in Smartsheet. This takes place automatically, because for each task that OnePager imports, it also imports the hierarchy of summary tasks. Swimlanes based on summary tasks work in OnePager without the need to explicitly import summary tasks themselves. If you scroll up to the top of this article, you'll see that even though we didn't check the OnePager box next to any summary tasks, OnePager was still able to read the parent-child relationships for the tasks that were imported.

    The example chart has also color-coded each activity based on the Assigned To column in Smartsheet. Color assignments are configurable in OnePager using conditional formatting, with almost every Smartsheet column, including custom columns, available for use.