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Statistical Columns

Summarize information about multiple tasks when they are grouped together into a timeline layout.

OnePager 7.2 gives users the flexibility to convert their text columns into statistical columns, which will look at all of the tasks in a given row and then compute the sum, minimum, maximum, and other statistical values. This is useful in cases where users need to display data about a set of related tasks, but the statisitcs aren't available directly from the PPM tool.

For example, this Microsoft Project schedule has three phases with four tasks per phase. Each of these tasks has been assigned a different cost and has different start and finish dates. If all of the tasks for each phase are placed into a timeline layout, OnePager will be able to provide things like the total cost for the phase, the earliest start date, and the latest finish date without having to import the summary tasks from the WBS:

To enable statistical functions for a given field, go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes. Notice that the chart is currently in a Timeline Layout based on Level 1 Summary Name, which is the top level of the WBS. Enable the Left #1 text column and map it to the field that you need to summarize. In this case, we'll use the Cost field. After the text column is mapped to the correct field, turn on the Function and choose Sum

Now, navigate to the Left #2 text column, map it to the Start date, and take the Minimum:

Now, navigate to the Left #3 text column, map it to the Finish date, and take the Maximum. When finished, click OK, and OnePager will compute the statistics for all three text columns, like this:

Project timeline with statistics for every row of tasks

Here, the statistics show the total cost for each phase, followed by the start date of the earliest phase and the finish date of the latest phase. We've also changed the column headings (Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes > Text Column Formatting) to show which statistics we're computing.

The statistics that OnePager computes will vary by the type of data in the column. For example, date and number fields offer:

  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Average (Mean)
  • Median
  • Mode

Text fields offer the following statistics instead:

  • First (Alpabetically)
  • Last (Alpabetically)
  • Mode