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Additional Text Columns

Expand the amount of data in your OnePager chart by importing multiple fields from your project plan into easily-formattable text columns.

In previous versions of OnePager, users could incorporate text in their Gantt charts through the use of one swimlane column and one "row label". We are expanding the latter category and renaming it "text columns" allowing for an expansion to five custom text columns, plus the swimlane column, for a total of six:

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to Home > Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes. Click on the Text Column Properties button:
  2. On the subform, there is a separate tab for each of the five text columns. Each tab lets you customize a separate text column.
  3. First, check the Show this box to turn on the text column you want to use. Then, click the Field dropdown to select the field from Project or Excel that you want to use:
  4. Depending on the type of field you select, there will be different formatting options. For example, if you select a number field, you will get the following:
  5. Regardless of field type, each text column will let you customize the font, alignment and width. Once you are finished, click OK, and OnePager will insert your text columns.