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Time Cursor Upgrades

Help your time cursor stand out by adding new shading and pointers.

The time cursor is an optional vertical line that corresponds to the snapshot date of your OnePager chart. In earlier versions, users had the ability to control the style of the line, changing its color, thickness, and dash pattern. Beginning in OnePager 7.2, the time cursor in OnePager includes a number of new upgrades:

  1. New user interface
  2. Extension of time cursor into the time axis
  3. Time cursor shading that highlights the time near the snapshot date
  4. Time cursor pointers which help you make the time cursor more visible

New User Interface

All controls for the time cursor are now under Home > Chart Properties > Time Axis > Calendar. To configure the time cursor, click on the Time Cursor Properties button in the lower right:

Extension of Time Cursor into the Time Axis

Traditionally the time cursor has appeared in the body of the OnePager chart, but has stopped short of the time axis. Beginning in version 7.2, users have the ability to extend it all the way into the time axis. To do this, click on the Time Cursor Properties button, and then change the Display Location to In Chart & Time Axis:

OnePager will then extend the time cursor all the way into the time axis, like this:

Time Cursor Shading

OnePager has supported curtains for a long time, allowing users to highlight a fixed date range in their chart. Beginning in version 7.2, shading similar to curtains can be tied to the time axis, which enables the shading to shift to the right as the time cursor advances over time. This is a great way to highlight work in the past vs. work in the future.

To enable time cursor shading, click on the Time Cursor Properties button. In the Time Cursor Shading section, enable a Left Color, and set it to a color and transparency of your choosing. Here, we've chosen to have the shading begin At left edge of chart and then stop at the time cursor. However, you can have the shading begin a certain number of days (e.g. 30) before the time cursor as well, if you don't want the shading to go all the way back to the left-hand edge of the chart. You can also enable right-hand shading, which will begin at the time cursor and end either on the right-hand edge of the chart, or on a certain number of days after the time cursor.

Click OK, and you'll see OnePager apply blue shading beginning on the left-hand edge of the chart, up to the time cursor. As the time cursor moves to the right over time, the shading will follow it:

Another option is to move both the time cursor and shading out of the body of the chart and only into the time axis, by changing the Display Location to In Time Axis. This gives a cleaner result without the time cursor or shading getting in the way of the project's tasks and milestones:

Time Cursor Pointers

Pointers sit atop the time cursor and resemble milestone shapes. They help the time cursor stand out, and draw attention to the snapshot date of your chart. To enable a pointer, go to Time Cursor Properties, and then click on the Pointer tab. Here, we've turned on a red triangular pointer and have also chosen to show the snapshot date as text.

Once applied, the time cursor pointer will appear above the time axis, like this:

If your time cursor only appears in the chart and not the time axis, then the pointer will be lower in the chart. Here's an example of a time cursor pointer that sits right below the time axis and doesn't include the date as text: