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Transparent and Semi-Transparent Tasks and Milestones

Adjust the transparency of the tasks and milestones in your project timeline.

OnePager 7.2 adds transparency to tasks and milestones. To adjust transparency globally, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars.

By default, transparency is turned off, so the Transparency setting is set to 0%. In the example above, we've set the transparency to 50%, which will look like this in the chart:

Adjusting Transparency Using Conditional Formatting

In addition to adjusting transparency for the entire chart, users can employ conditional formatting to dynamically select the transparency for different groups of tasks and milestones.

Here, we're dynamically adjusting the transparency so that only tasks in the future are semi-transparent while current and completed tasks remain opaque:

For this project, which is current as of January, all tasks that begin in February or later are semi-transparent, while all of the tasks that are in the past or present are opaque:

Adjusting Transparency Manually

In addition to conditional formatting, users can right-click on any task or set of tasks, click the Format button, and then adjust the transparency manually: