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How to Add a Milestone to a Primavera P6 Plan

Milestones are zero-duration activities in project plans, useful for showing key moments in a project.

Primavera P6 treats milestones a little differently than other project and portfolio management applications. This article shows how to add a milestone to your Primavera plan.

Like other project and portfolio management (PPM) applications, Primavera P6 activities can be represented either as tasks or as milestones. A milestone is an activity of zero duration, marking a point in time rather than a period of time.

Primavera differs from other PPM applications in that only two types of milestones are allowed:

  • A Start Milestone, representing the beginning of a project, which has a start date but no finish date.
  • A Finish Milestone, representing the end of a project, which has a finish date but no start date.

To create one of these two milestones in Primavera P6...

  1. Right-click on an existing line in your plan (or, if this is a brand-new project, simply right-click on the project summary task, as shown below). Choose Add.

    Adding a default activity to a new Primavera P6 plan.

  2. By default, this adds a 5-day task named "New Activity" to your project plan.

    The default, 5-day activity appears once the user has added it.

  3. In order to turn this task into a Start Milestone or a Finish Milestone, go to the Details window. This is probably on the bottom half of your screen, but if not, go to View > Show on Bottom > Details.
  4. On the General tab of the Details window, find the Activity Type dropdown menu. Change the selected value from Task Dependent to either Start Milestone or Finish Milestone (in this case, we’ll use Start Milestone).

    Changing the Activity Type from Task Dependent to Start Milestone.

  5. Up above on the project plan, you’ll notice that the duration has changed to 0 days (this cannot be modified for a milestone), and the finish date has been eliminated.

    The new Start Milestone as it displays in the project plan.

  6. We’ll finish by giving our new milestone a better name, in this case, "Project kickoff." This is also accomplished from the General tab of the Details window, on the top row of controls.

    Changing the activity name to Project kickoff.

With that, our milestone setup is complete.