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Writing a Formula in Primavera P6

Formulas let you create custom calculations based on other fields in Primavera P6.

In this article, you will learn how to write a formula in Primavera P6 and apply it to a user defined field.

Primavera P6 is capable of doing a lot of calculations on its own, but in some cases, you need to create your own custom calculations and store them in a user-defined field. In this example, we'll show you how to write a formula in Primavera P6 that takes the value of the Free Float field and copies it to a user-defined field called UDFText:

User defined field is currently blank, but should be populated with the value of the Free Float field.

  1. To begin writing a new formula in Primavera P6, go to Tools > Global Change...

    Navigate to the Primavera P6 formula editor

  2. In the Global Change window, click the New button to build a new formula:

    List of existing Primavera P6 formulas.

  3. In the Modify Global Change window, select Activities for the Subject Area and provide a Global Change Name which is really the nickname for your formula:

    Modify a global change (formula) in Primavera P6

  4. In the next section, create a rule that applies any time that the Free Float field has a value. This example rule literally states "Where 'Free Float' is not equal to nothing", which in layman's terms means "The rule applies when Free Float is populated".

    Establish a condition for the global change in Primavera P6.

  5. Click into the next section and then click on the Add button. Then, write the formula that sets the UDFText field equal to whatever value is in the Free Float field:

    Write a formula that applies the global change in Primavera P6.

  6. With the formula written, click on the Change button to apply it:

    Apply a global change using a formula in Primavera P6.

  7. When the global change prompt appears, click Yes:

    Confirm global change in Primavera P6.

  8. Once the global change confirmation has been processed, and the formula applied, you'll see a confirmation of the changes, and should click Commit Changes at the bottom:

    Commit global changes in Primavera P6.

    When prompted to save the log file, click No.

  9. Close any remaining open windows to double-check that the formula was applied correctly. In this example, the UDF Text field now contains the same values as the Free Float field:

    Add a baseline in Primavera P6 that is a copy of the current project.

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