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How to create summary tasks and sub-tasks in Project for Web (P4W)

When building more complex project schedules, it's often important to break a task into multiple steps. This article will show you how to create this work-breakdown structure of summary (parent) tasks and sub-tasks (children) in Project for Web.

  1. In this example, have a basic plan in P4W with three tasks. We want the first task to be a summary task of the second two tasks, but right now, all three tasks are currently on the same level:

    Project for Web plan without any summary tasks.

  2. To indent "Sub-Task 1" underneath "Summary Task", right-click on the task that you want to be a sub-task and choose Make subtask:

    Make subtask in P4W.

    You can also use the keystroke Shift + Alt + Right-Arrow as a shortcut instead of right-clicking.

  3. You should see that the second task is now indented underneath the first, indicating that it is now a sub-task of the summary task:

    Subtask indented underneath summary task.

  4. Now, we will indent the third task the same way so that it is also nested underneath the summary task:

    Project for Web (P4W) plan with one summary task and two sub-tasks.

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