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Display Custom Field in PWA View

How to display a custom or non-standard field in the PWA task view.

When you view projects in PWA, the default view only shows the basic fields. This article will show you how to add fields to an existing view or to create a new view to display your custom fields in PWA.

Simple PWA view of a project plan with only basic fields showing.

The PWA view of the project above shows a very basic set of fields in PWA. It doesn't even show percent complete, baselines, or any enterprise custom fields. This article will give you tips on how to add fields to any PWA view or how to create your own.

Adding a Field to an Existing PWA View

  1. Before editing a PWA view, figure out which view you are currently using. This will be on the Task tab. Locate the View dropdown. In this example we are using the default Tasks Detail view in PWA:

    Tasks Detail view in PWA.

  2. Now that you know which view you need to edit, click on the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of PWA, and then choose PWA Settings:

    PWA Settings

  3. On the PWA Settings page, locate the Look and Feel section and click on Manage Views:

    PWA Settings Screen

  4. On the Manage Views page, locate the view that you want to edit, which in this example is Tasks Detail, and click on the link:

    PWA Manage Views Screen

  5. On the Edit View: Tasks Detail page, locate Table and Fields section. The Displayed Fields box should match the view, whereas the Available Fields box will give you options of other fields to add:

    Edit View: Table and Fields

  6. To add a field to your view, choose it from the Available Fields box and then click the Add button so that it moves over to the Displayed Fields box. In this example we're adding the % Complete field to the view.

    Add the percent complete field to the view.

    If you want to add multiple fields at once, you can Ctrl + Left-Click to choose several fields simultaneously.

  7. When you add a new field to an existing view, it goes to the bottom of the list. If we want % Complete to appear in a different order, use the Up and Down buttons to change its position:

    Reorder field in PWA view.

  8. Once you are happy with your changes, click Save to save the changes to the view.
  9. Now, let's go back to the project to make sure that the view now reflects the additional field. Click on the Projects link to return to the Project Center:

    Return to PWA projects

  10. In the Project Center, click on your project to view it:

    PWA Project Center

  11. The Tasks Detail view now includes % Complete, right where we added it:

    PWA Tasks Detail View with new Percent Complete Field

Last Updated: April 3, 2019