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How add the a new task to your Smartsheet project.

This article will show you how to add a new task to your Smartsheet project plan.

  1. Create a new Smartsheet project by going to Browse > Sheets, and on the far top right, click the dropdown for Create and select Project.

    Create a new sheet in Smartsheet

  2. A new window will pop up, which has a field to type in the name of your sheet. Once named, click OK:

    Name your sheet in Smartsheet

  3. You will see a sheet created with the name you entered—Left-click on this sheet to open it.

    Open your sheet (project) in Smartsheet.

  4. Left-click into the first cell under the Task Name column and type in the name of your task.

    Assign a task name in Smartsheet

  5. Once you've entered the name of your task, click on the empty cell next to your task name under the Duration column and enter the number of working days that you expect the task to take. In this example, we'll schedule the task for 45 working days, so we can enter "45" and press ENTER. Smartsheet automatically assumes that your durations are in working days, so there is no need to type days after.

    Set the duration of a task in Smartsheet.

  6. In your Smartsheeet, click on the Start cell you would like to enter the date and enter the desired date. Once entered, hit ENTER, and the finish date will auto-populate based on the duration you set in the duration cell.

    Set the start date of a task in Smartsheet.

  7. You can add more tasks as needed now that we created our first task. At some point, your Smartsheet project might start looking like what is below.

    Simple Smartsheet project after adding four tasks with dates and durations.

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