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How to baseline your Smartsheet project

This article will show you how to establish a baseline so that you can compare your current Smartsheet plan to the original.

Establishing a Baseline

To baseline a Smartsheet project, follow these steps:

  1. The first requirement for setting up Smartsheet baselines is a Start Date and Finish Date. You will want to insert and populate those columns if you do not have them.

    Smartsheet plan with start and finish dates

  2. Now that we have the required columns filled out, you will want to switch to Gantt View and then click on the Baselines button. You can locate the Baselines button on the right side of your toolbar.

    Smartsheet project settings

  3. The window that pops up is named Baselines; click Set to enable baselines in your Smartsheet.

    Set the baseline for your Smartsheet project.

  4. There are now Baseline Start and Baseline Finish columns in your Smartsheet project:

    Smartsheet project showing baseline dates.

Displaying the Baseline

After enabling baselines in your Smartsheet, you can view, edit, and remove baseline information via the baseline summary. To access this summary, switch to Gantt view in Smartsheet, then select the Baselines button on the far right of your toolbar. You should see a window pop up like the one below.

Smartsheet determines whether your project is on track or not based on the baseline.

In this summary, you can see the following information:

  • Show baseline in Gantt: Toggle for enabling baseline in Gantt view.
  • Actual: The earliest actual start and latest end dates in your project.
  • Baseline: The earliest and latest baseline start and end dates in your project, established at the time when you enabled the baseline originally.
  • Variance: The difference between Actual End Date and Baseline End Date calculated in decimal days according to the working schedule defined for your project. Variance displays the overall status of your project as "Days behind", "Days ahead", or "On schedule".
  • Reset: Establish a new baseline start and end date based on your project's current dates.
  • Remove: Remove the baseline from your Smartsheet project entirely.

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