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Smartsheet Custom Fields

How to add a custom field to your Smartsheet project.

This article will show you how to customize your Smartsheet project by adding one or more custom fields.

To add s custom field to a Smartsheet project, follow these steps:

  1. In your Smartsheet project, right-click on any column and select Insert Column Left or Insert Column Right, depending on whether you want the custom column to appear to the left or right of the existing column that you just clicked on:

    Insert a new column into Smartsheet

  2. A new window will pop up called New Column. You will put the custom field's name in the Name field here. Then select the Column Type and hit OK.

    Define the Smartsheet column name and column type.

  3. You will now see your custom column added to your Smartsheet project:

    Smartsheet project with the addition of a new custom column.

Smartsheet Column Types

Before you add a custom field to your Smartsheet project, you want to ensure that you are using the correct kind of field. Here are the different types of column s that

  • Text/Number: This is a general purpose column type that lets you enter text and number values.
  • Dropdown List: With a dropdown list, you can pre-define the available values that a user can choose when populating a cell. You can decide whether the dropdown will allow for one or multiple selections, and whether the list should be restricted to only the pre-defined values, or if users are allowed to enter their own values as well.
  • Date: Date columns will accept any date value in mm/dd/yy format. Times are not currently supported.
  • Duration: Durations. measured in days, are used to calculate the elapsed time between a start date and a finish date.
  • Contact List: Contact Lists are special purpose Dropdown Lists that are populated with the names of the of the other Smartsheet users on your team.
  • Checkbox: Checkbox fields allow you to easily track Yes/No, On/Off, True/False, or other Boolean values. You have the option of displaying these columns with checkboxes, flags, or stars. These symbols are merely cosmetic; they have no bearing on how Smartsheet actually treats the data.
  • Symbols: Symbols allow you to assign small icons to each row in your Smartsheet project. These are good ways to visually indicate status or progress. For example, you might show a red circle when things are late and a green circle when things are on track. Harvey balls, stars, arrows, dollar signs, and hearts are other symbols that Smartsheet makes available.
  • Auto Number: As the name implies, this column automatically assigns a number to each row in your Smartsheet project. This is useful if you need to create a user-friendly Unique ID or Primary Key.
  • Created By: This tells you the name of the user who created the specific task in Smartsheet.
  • Created Date: Similar to the Created By column, this tells you the date the a Smartsheet task was created.
  • Latest Comment: If you use comments in Smartsheet, this column will tell you the most recent one.
  • Modified By: This tells you the name of the user who most recently modified a task Smartsheet.
  • Modified Date: Similar to the Modified By column, this tells you the date that someone last modified a Smartsheet task.

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