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Inserting a Smartsheet Task

How insert a new task into the middle of a Smartsheet project

If you already have a Smartsheet project with several tasks and need to insert a new task into the middle of those existing tasks, this article will walk you through the steps.

  1. In Smartsheet, to insert a task in the middle of existing tasks, select the task below the one where you want to insert a new task. You will see via the example below that we want to insert a task between "Task B" and "Task C." To do this, we will select "Task C" to insert the new task.

    Smartsheet project with four tasks

  2. After you select "Task C," press the INSERT key on your keyboard.

  3. Looking at your Smartsheet project, you should now have a blank row that allows you to enter a new task.

    Smartsheet project with a blank row inserted for a new task.

  4. From there, you enter the new task as you did with your previous tasks.

    Smartsheet project with a new task inserted

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