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Smartsheet Lag Time and Lead Time

How to adjust lag and lead times for Smartsheet predecessors

Adjust the amount of time between when one Smartsheet task starts and another finishes using lag and lead time.

You can use lag and lead time to show a period of inactivity or overlap between tasks in Smartsheet. If there is a delay between when one task finishes and the next task starts, that time difference is considered lead time. On the other hand, if one task starts before another finishes, then the time difference is considered the lead time.

To set lag or lead time in Smartsheet, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Smartsheet project, click on the Predecessors cell that requires lag time, and navigate to Edit Predecessors, which is accessible by selecting the predecessor cell and clicking the pencil icon on the right.

    Edit Predecessors in Smartsheet

  2. Here, you will see an entry for Lag, where you can enter the lag time. Enter the number of days and click OK. There is no need to put a ā€œdā€ after the amount, as Smartsheet will automatically enter it.

    Smartsheet lag time, in days

  3. In the Smartsheet project, you will see the lag amount entered after the dependency type selected in the Edit Predecessors screen. Notice that "Task B" now starts on April 12th due to the one day lag. Previously, it was scheduled to start on April 11th.

    Smartsheet task with lag time.

  4. If you want a task to start before another task finishes, you'll need to use lead time instead of lag time. The process is the same, except that the number of days should be negative instead of positive. Here, "Task C" still depends on "Task A", but has a lead time of two days, so it starts two days before the previous task finishes. In this case, that moves the start date for "Task C" up two days to April 9th:

    Smartsheet task with lead time.

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