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How to assign resources to a task in Smartsheet

The first step to assigning resources to a task is to have a Contact List column within your Smartsheet. If you do not have a Contact list column, you can follow the steps below to create one and start assigning resources to your tasks.

  1. Insert a column in your Smartsheet project by right-clicking on any column name and selecting either Insert Column Left or Insert Column Right. This task will add a new column.

    Insert a new column into Smartsheet

  2. In the New Column window, enter a name (We recommend "Assigned To"), and select the Contact List column type.

    Contact list column in Smartsheet

  3. After selecting the Contact list, some new options will pop up. You can either enable them or leave them alone based on your needs. Once you have made your choices, click OK.

    Options for the new contact list column in Smartsheet.

Congratulations! You now have a Contact List column, which can be used to assign a resource to a task:

  • You can create filters or build reports to see all tasks assigned to specific team members.
  • Insert multiple Contact List columns when people have different roles related to each task.
  • You can build alerts to send notifications and requests automatically to people assigned to tasks.
  • As long as a Contact List field isn't used for resource management, you can build a formula that automatically assigns people to tasks based on conditions. For example, assign a department head to a task that needs their approval with an INDEX and MATCH formula.
  • You can also use workflows to add contacts to a cell automatically.

Now that there is a Contact List column let's go over how to assign users to a task.

  1. In the cell you would like to add a resource, click on it and Either select Select One or + Add New. This will depend on whether you already have contacts in your list.

    Insert a new column into Smartsheet

  2. In the Select One section, select an existing contact from the list to add them as a resource. In the + Add New section, you should enter the resource's name and email address and then hit OK.

    Contact list column in Smartsheet

  3. The resource for the task is listed in the cell.

    Options for the new contact list column in Smartsheet.

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