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Percent Complete Based on Working Time

Adjust progress bars so that percent complete only applies to working hours, skipping nights and weekends, for a more accurate representation of each task's progress.

OnePager 6.1 now supports a different way of displaying task progress that takes working and non-working time into consideration. Traditionally, OnePager has rendered percent complete based on a 24-hour clock, meaning that a task that is 50% complete will be shaded exactly halfway across. While this is typically accurate, if the task happens to span a weekend, the progress bar can sometimes look slightly ahead or behind schedule, depending on where that weekend falls.

On top of that, some project managers have a practice of forcing their Microsoft Project plans to be current through a certain date:

When Microsoft Project adjusts its percent complete values to match a precise status date, it does so based on working time, which is typically eight hours per day. However, the percent complete values that Project sends to OnePager are still based on a 24-hour period, not an 8-hour workday. Like the weekend example mentioned above, this can cause progress bars in OnePager to appear out of sync with the status update in Microsoft Project:

OnePager 6.1 now lets users switch between a 24-hour clock and working time when rendering progress bars. Here's how:

  1. Go to Home > Project View Properties > Task Bars and click the Percent Complete Properties button.
  2. Turn on the Honor Non-Working Time box:

    Percent Complete Based on Working Time
  3. Click OK, and OnePager will adjust the progress bars for all tasks in your project plan to account for nights and weekends, like this:

    Adjust percent complete based on working hours
  4. You may need to go to Data > Replace Snapshot for this to fully take effect.

The progress bars in your OnePager chart will now perfectly match the status that you have set back in Microsoft Project. This adjustment is based on a typical workday, running Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If your working hours are different, you can adjust them accordingly.