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OnePager Newsletter

June 2017

Our Classroom Training is REALLY good

OnePager Training

Even the most seasoned, self-educated users will have some "aha moments" in the first 15 minutes of a classroom training. If your organization hasn't yet invested in OnePager Training, it may be time.

If creating or updating your OnePager documents feels like it's taking too long, you might be missing something important.

Visit this page for more information on our classroom training.

Email us to find out more about the cost of training, and how to set up a session for your team.

OnePager Demo Video

Video: OnePager Overview

We've updated our recorded demonstation to include 6.0 content. Email the link to someone who hasn't yet checked it out!

Watch it here!

Swimlanes Video

Video: Swimlanes & Rows

Have you seen our new video explaining how Rows and Swimlanes work in OnePager? With the added features in 6.0, it's worth a fresh look.

Watch it here!

OK vs. Apply Buttons

OK vs. Apply

We've written a blog post recently to help users understand the difference between the OK and Apply buttons in OnePager.

Read it here >

OnePager Unique IDs

Alternate Unique ID Mapping

In OnePager 6.0, we added an advanced feature to let users map a column other than Unique ID to use in OnePager. But BEWARE...there are rules.

Learn more here >