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Technology Examples

Agile Task Board Multi-Site Server Deployment Timeline Server Outage Incident Timeline Agile Project Schedule Waterfall Software Development Plan

Industry Applications

  • Reviewing the phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) for one or multiple software releases.
  • Summarizing the overall product plan for a portfolio of software products.
  • Understanding the deliverables required to deploy or migrate production servers.
  • Tracking meetings and deliverables for ScrumMasters or other Agile participants.
  • Preparing timelines required for a root cause analysis of a production outage.
  • Communicating status to company executives to ensure continued funding of a new product.

Sample Technology Projects

The following charts are examples of IT projects, root cause analyses, software development schedules, and other technology-related plans that have been summarized using OnePager:

Task board for an Agile software development project.

Agile Task Board

This agile task board is used for release planning, and gives a prioritized list of new features for a software product.

View Agile Task Board >

Schedule for a multi-site server deployment project.

Multi-Site Server Deployment Schedule

This schedule shows the deliverables and timeframe for a multi-site production server deployment project.

View Multi-Site Server Deployment Timeline >

Timeline of a major production system outage, with root cause analysis (RCA).

Server Outage Incident Timeline

This timeline is used as a part of a root cause analysis to determine which events lead to a multi-site production outage for a web server.

View Server Outage Incident Timeline >

Gantt chart of a waterfall schedule following the SDLC.

Software Development Lifecycle Plan

This project plan tracks the major tasks and milestones throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) in a waterfall format.

View SDLC Project Plan >

Project plan depicting application development in multiple layers by internal and external teams.

Multi-Layer Development Project

This software development plan tracks deliverables across the application, database, and UI layers, and manages dependencies between internal teams and external vendors.

View Multi-Layer Development Project >

Product development plan for several software products across several major and minor releases.

Software Product Development Plan

This chart illustrates a product manager's product development plan across several release cycles for three key software products.

View Software Product Development Plan >

Overall project schedule for several sprints of an agile development project.

Agile Project Schedule

This schedule shows the major meetings and deliverables for each sprint carried out by an Agile software development team.

View Agile Project Schedule >

This quarterly task grid gives a high level overview of a project and lets people see when their tasks are due, quarter-by-quarter.

Quarterly Task Grid

This quarterly task grid, tracks the activities that are due in each quarter of the year and groups them by functional area.

View Quarterly Task Grid >

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