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Importing from Planisware Enterprise directly into OnePager

Thie article pertains to the direct connection between Planisware Enterprise and OnePager Bundle v7.2. If you are using an older version of OnePager or are using Planisware Orchestra instead of Planisware Enterprise, OnePager can access your Planisware data through either Excel or Microsoft Project.

Preparing your Project in Planisware Enterprise

Before importing from Planisware into OnePager, you can select which tasks from your project to include in your chart.

  1. If you want to have OnePager filter your Planisware project so that only specific tasks appear in your chart, you can use the Send to OnePager? custom attribute in Planisware. To see if this attribute already exists in your Planisware account, right-click on any existing column heading and choose Insert After:

  2. Search for OnePager in your list of Planisware attributes. It's important to filter for All attributes, not Documented. You should see a Boolean called Send to OnePager? under User Attributes.

    If you do not see the Send to OnePager? custom attribute, ask your Planisware administrator to make it available for you.

  3. In the Send to OnePager? column, check the box next to any Planisware tasks that you would like to import into OnePager. Once finished, save your work in Planisware before continuing.

  4. Importing from Planisware into OnePager

    After you've finished selecting tasks in Planisware, you're ready to bring import those tasks into OnePager.

    1. Launch OnePager Bundle from your desktop.

    2. On the start screen, click New to begin building a new chart.

    3. On the import wizard, click on Select > BROWSE Planisware Enterprise...

    4. A window will pop up, asking you to log into your Planisware Enterprise account:

      Your Planisware URL is similar, but not identical to the URL that you use to use Planisware Enterprise in a web browser. You should remove the app/plw/ (and anything after it) from your normal URL for use with OnePager. For example:

      If your normal Planisware URL is https://myaccount.planisware.live/app/plw/

      Then OnePager should connect to https://myaccount.planisware.live/

      OnePager has the ability to connect to Planisware using either SSO through Okta or Azure, or using traditional username/password authentication. Double-check with your Planisware administrator or the Planisware SaaS team to see which authentication method is best for your organization.

      OnePager uses SSO authenticaion by default, so in the screenshot above, only the URL is required. If you need to authenticate with a username and password, uncheck the Use SSO box, and OnePager will prompt you for those credentials:

    5. Once OnePager is signed into Planisware Enterprise, you will see a list of available projects that you can import into OnePager. You can choose to import only one project, or you can import several using the Ctrl key, if you need to create a portfolio-level view:

    6. With the project(s) from Planisware ready for import, we just need to apply the task filter. This is where you should select Send to OnePager? attribute from Planisware:

    7. Click the Create New Chart button, and OnePager will complete its import of your project(s) from Planisware:

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    Last Updated: November 20, 2023